Discussing distributed workforce, collaboration, and future trends in digital construction

Discussing distributed workforce, collaboration, and future trends in digital construction

Recently, Dropbox interviewed 100 IT and business decision makers in Australia construction industry. Over 86%* of respondents believe that the overall success of their organisation depends on reinventing the way that teams collaborate both internally and externally. 88%* agree that they would deliver more projects on time if everyone involved – the on-site team, management, architects, suppliers and contractors – had access to live documents and plans in real time.

The challenge is: How to enable teams to collaborate seamlessly and securely, no matter where they are in the workflow.

Dropbox and POMT invite you to join IT and business leaders in the Australian Construction industry to discuss:

  • What challenges you have faced to streamline the collaboration.
  • How to adopt the fast-paced digital change and bridge the gap - the perspectives from IT and business leaders.
  • How a more collaborative approach to working could improve productivity and boost creativity across the sector.

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Luke Simmons
Enterprise Account Executive - Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Dropbox

Luke is a Dropbox Business Enterprise Account Executive for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Luke has over 15 years experience in technology sales environments, from global start ups to mature technology leaders. Luke has a passion for technology and has mission to provide an amazing customer experience through technology.

Martin Rubens
Solutions Manager, APP Corporation

Martin is a professional with 25+ years working in the IT industry, 20+ of those in the Information Management space. Martin is a Senior Consultant who is now acting as the IT Solutions Manager for APP. In his role Martin is led the implementation of several systems across the whole company, including the migration from legacy systems and design and execution of the change management program. He is also responsible for APP’s information management and reporting projects, and the leadership of complex development initiatives. In his role as APP consultant, Martin has also assisted clients with different IT initiatives.

Ben Donnelly
Chief Technology Officer, Peace of Mind Technology

Over a twenty year career in Enterprise technology Ben has worked across the Media, Professional Services, Financial Services and Legal industries and has developed a uniquely broad set of experiences in how businesses can leverage technology to drive high performing services both internally and to their customers.

Ben has worked across every aspect of technology delivery. Starting initially in Digital and Enterprise application development and working through Automation, Infrastructure, IT Security and most recently on the Delivery of world-class technology enabled Workplaces, focusing on helping businesses drive towards more effective collaboration, productivity and a true sense of connection. 

Over the past two years, working as POMT’s CTO, Ben’s focus has been relentless pursuit and delivery of innovative productivity solutions to end-users to address the growing challenges faced by businesses in delivering real value to their teams. Key to this has been a focus on providing a consultative approach with every organisation to define their own optimum technology strategy, unique to each business, to enable the best possible Workplace experience.