Dropbox Enlightened Summer

The summer holidays are here, work is winding down, and a new year is on the horizon; now is a great time to reflect not only on what we achieved this year but how we got it done. 

This summer, Dropbox is challenging workplaces across Australia to reimagine a better, smarter, more enlightened way of working.

At Dropbox Australia, we’ve just completed our own set of ‘work hacks’ as part of the annual Dropbox Hack Week. We broke the 9-5 routine, did a 4 Hour Work Day, job swapped with colleagues and spent a Friday working remotely from the beach. 

From December through to February, we’re asking Australian workplaces to take part in a series of ‘work hacks’ to identify work conventions that are outdated, no longer effective or cause distractions. 

Interested in taking part in the Enlightened Summer Challenge? We’ve created a Toolkit to help teams get started. Request a copy by completing the form.


Make this summer an enlightened summer with Dropbox.

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