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  • Streamline the eSignature process saving up to 700 annual work hours

eSignature Legality in Australia & New Zealand

In both Australia and New Zealand there are no specific technology requirements (in contrast with the EU’s Qualified Electronic Signatures), or special types of electronic signatures when executing a document. 

This means most agreements used in typical business functions such as human resources, operations and sales are allowed to be signed electronically and are admissible in evidence under Australian and New Zealand laws. 

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Local Data Residency

HelloSign customers have the option to store completed documents in Australia. This feature is available on the HelloSign Enterprise Plus and HelloSign API Platinum plans.

Dropbox - HelloSign Integration

Already a Dropbox customer? 

Embedding HelloSign as a native feature within Dropbox enables you to send, sign, and store your most important documents in one organised place, without leaving Dropbox. Once completed, the signed copy automatically saves back to Dropbox - combining several disparate workflows into one.

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