Replacing file servers and vpn with Dropbox Business

Replacing file servers and VPN with Dropbox Business

A file server is a useful piece of equipment…if you are in the office. But like fax machines, desktop computers and the office fridge, its usefulness diminishes when staff are spread out across the country.

This live webinar will show you how to move critical content into the cloud without laborious change management. You will learn:

  • How modern IT infrastructure can remove the pain associated with dispersed employees, external sharing, working in low bandwidth areas, maintaining back-ups, patching software and replacing hardware
  • Simple steps to migrate towards more modern infrastructure
  • Practical examples of how Dropbox Business customers have put their plans into practice 


Watch the webinar on-demand


Angus Mansfield
Director, Nexon Asia Pacific

With over 20 years experience in the IT sector, Mr Mansfield currently oversees all sales operations for Nexon Asia Pacific. His experience and acumen have led him to pursue his passion in enabling clients to use technology to transform how they work, collaborate and engage with customers.

Prior to his current role, Angus spent more than 15 years holding a strategic role as the founder and managing director of an Australian managed service provider, XCentral. In early 2020, Nexon Asia Pacific acquired the organisation, acknowledging his success. With the pedigree of “being on the tools” for many years, he now leads the NSW & VIC sales team at Nexon to see companies use technology better and smarter.

Brock Fisher
ANZ Channel Manager, Dropbox

Brock has worked at Dropbox for 4 years in multiple roles, most recently managing Dropbox’s network of approved partners across Australia and New Zealand.

Brock and the team function as the back-end support to help these partners deliver incredible outcomes for customers. Outside of work, Brock is a relentlessly enthusiastic and mildly competent sports person.