Accelerate sales by automating your workflows across Dropbox and other cloud tools

Responding to RFPs in a repeatable and timely fashion is critical to keeping your company’s sales engine humming. Unfortunately, RFP processes can often be fraught with a number of steps, manual data entry, and repetitive tasks. While traditional processes may be manageable on a one-off basis, they typically lack the scale required to effectively meet the requirements of the enterprise.  

Aramark faced a similar challenge and needed to streamline the process of sending RFPs to customers without disrupting their business processes. They discovered how to make this possible by connecting their content-based collaboration platform, Dropbox, to their CRM system, and their project management tool.  

By leveraging Azuqua and Dropbox, Aramark was able to seamlessly integrate a variety of tools into a streamlined, automated process that allowed them to accelerate sales while reducing manual work for everyone involved in RFPs at Aramark.


Dave Derington, Director of User Enablement, Azuqua

Jessica Dignam, Project Lead, Aramark

Shamil Turner, Solutions Architect, Dropbox

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