Live demo: Welcome to the smart workspace!

Recently we unveiled the world’s first smart workspace—to bring all of your customer’s team content together while letting them use the tools they love, so they can focus on the work that matters. 

Schedule a live demo of this completely new experience, tailored to Dropbox Business deployments. Our specialists will explain how Dropbox Business:

  • Transforms your customers’ folders into collaborative workspaces—with Dropbox Spaces, the evolution of the shared folder. Built with machine intelligence, Spaces helps teams stay focused on their most important work, and gives them new ways to stay in sync.
  • Connects your customers' content to the tools you use every day like Slack, Zoom, Atlassian, Google, Microsoft Office 365 and many more.
  • Simplifies team management with the enterprise console, so your customers can maintain high-level control and visibility while also delegating control where appropriate.
  • Empowers your customers to safeguard company data, monitor activity, and control usage with advanced security features and support for standards and regulations like GDPR and SOC 2.
  • Enables action with new insights from our activity page and rich interface for searching, filtering, and reporting—including shortcuts to allow your customers to take quick action for remediation.

Complete the form and we will be in touch to schedule a convenient time for the demo.