Enhanced security solutions for remote teams

How Dropbox can help your organization thrive in a remote workplace.

Our current way of working has changed dramatically as teams have been forced to quickly adapt to distributed environments. This shift means it’s more important than ever to give remote teams the tools they need to collaborate successfully. As part of this need for better communication comes the realization that the current tools organizations use for communication and collaboration for remote teams may not be adequate from a security standpoint.

From day one, Dropbox has been dedicated to helping teams work in remote work environments, building features that allow teams to collaborate from wherever they are. But we didn’t stop there—we wanted to provide organizations with a suite of new offerings to protect remote teams while they continue to scale, and effortlessly work together. 

So if you currently have Dropbox Business and are interested in learning about our new suite of security features, or if you are new to Dropbox Business and want to hear more about our robust offerings, give this ebook a read to learn more.

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