Generating business value and measuring ROI with eSignature technology

Leveraging HelloSign API as part of your digital strategy

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly accelerated the pressure on businesses to find faster, safer and more lucrative ways to manage business transactions remotely. 

One company that has risen to the challenge is The Growth Company, a not-for-profit company that provides alternative business finance options for growing businesses. Their loan application process was highly manual and required a print-sign-post workflow.

The most important thing for The Growth Company was to ensure they delivered a first class and modern customer experience. To do this, they knew they would need a solution that would integrate into their technology environment at a relatively low development effort and cost. 

To find our how HelloSign has helped The Growth Company streamline the loan signature process, reduce operating costs and increase turnaround times from weeks to minutes, sign up to the webinar. 


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Hussam Hebbo

Enterprise Solutions Architect, Dropbox

Hussam Hebbo is an Enterprise Solutions Architect with an eye on increasing business value and enabling a digital user experience for Dropbox customers. Immersed in IT for more than 10 years, Hussam bridges the gap between technology and business through his experience in Computer Science, programming, and entrepreneurship

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Louise Ryder

Senior Business Operations Manager, The Growth Company

Louise Ryder is a Senior Business Operations Manager at The Growth Company and is responsible for the service delivery of £60m in government contracts per annum. She manages digital transformation and process implementation across the business, ensuring all changes meet regulatory compliances.