The State of Collaboration

IT leadership perspective

A global, independent survey of IT and business leaders

While technology has been the enabler in creating a more collaborative working culture that encourages innovation, it has also added greater complexity—for individuals, teams, and the IT department.

Managing the tech ecosystem, decluttering it, and working with teams across the business to enable them to do their best work is now the focus for IT leaders.

We’ve worked with Vanson Bourne to survey 2,500 business and IT decision makers to better understand:

  • The impact a complex tool ecosystem has on business productivity
  • The role of IT (and business leads) in fixing the broken workplace
  • How a more collaborative approach to working could improve productivity, innovation and customer satisfaction
  • Top tips for IT leaders wanting to create a connected workplace 

Download this report to find out how other information technology leaders are turning to a more collaborative culture and the tools that supplement this shift, in order to drive productivity and innovation in their business.