Cloud: Driving Business Transformation in Retail

In association with the Cloud Industry Forum

As part of the 22nd whitepaper published by The Cloud Industry Forum, Dropbox is pleased to present the important interpretations and conclusions in this first retail-focused edition.

Learn more about cloud adoption and digital transformation across the UK in retail, which the CIF have been measuring for the last 7 years. Although growth is slowing marginally, it demonstrates that cloud services are clearly now a mainstream strategy for most retail businesses.

Cloud Industry Forum

This report demonstrates the significant move from their first view of the market back in 2009.

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The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) was established in direct response to the evolving supply models for the delivery of software and IT services. Our aim is to provide clarity and advice for end users when assessing and selecting Cloud Service Providers based upon the clear, consistent and relevant provision of key information about the organisations, their capabilities and operational commitments.