Dropbox & the GDPR Part I: Privacy & Security foundations for GDPR readiness

15 Minutes

Privacy is a topic that’s correctly front of mind in many organisations with the approach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May. The GDPR updates and harmonizes the framework for processing personal data in the European Union, and brings with it new obligations for organizations and new rights for individuals.  

At Dropbox, we see data protection as integral to our work, and as we’ve grown, the way we handle and protect the data our customers entrust to us has remained a priority. We’ve undertaken extensive preparations for the GPDR, building on our existing practices and controls. 

Join our Global Head of Trust and Privacy, Mark Crosbie, for part I of our webinar series to:

  • Understand the shift in thinking needed by security teams to be ready for GDPR
  • Learn more about our product architecture and how we've adapted internal practices to be ready for GDPR
  • See how Dropbox empowers our users to be ready for GDPR

Watch part II here: Using Dropbox Business on your journey to compliance